About Us

We are the team of “power of forgiveness.” We experienced this power and felt that it is our duty to share it with the whole world;  the power of forgiveness gives you peace. We love you with a unconditional love.

Our hearts are open to share and discuss. We are not at war of winners and losers, we renounce hatred and choose forgiveness. We are here to extend a hand to a wounded world with love and forgiveness. Life is like a competition to remain. We don’t need swords to fight as we are aware of no survival with the sword.

We are aware of people who freed themselves from the bondage of hatred by the power of forgiveness. Lets go free in the heaven of joy and peace.

People who lost their beloved and had a harsh life decided on suicide or lived with suffering in pain and misery forcing them to choose between forgiveness and revenge. Different stories with the same ending. They all felt the touch of God’s love that healed their souls and changed their life, a new life of peace and freedom from hatred. Rest assured that God searches for everyone who looks for justice and gives you assurance of survival from a terrifying destiny.

Based on their experience, some faced the abuse and learned the truth about their calamity and accepted to forgive. Others, decided to write their stories with a lot of suffering, they faced the Lord’s love and grace and had the power to forgive others. A great challenge resulting in changing everyone’s life and giving them peace sealed with joy.

Have you discovered the difference between forgiveness and revenge to make the right decision in m life?

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