Mother Rose Kiri

I never hoped for such a terrible thing like this to happen; how hard is it, to see your most precious bleeding and in pain, without being able to do anything for him, but with prayer and forgiveness, God began my healing story before my son’s recovery!!

A Broken Heart:
On the last day of the year 2015, and during the celebrations of Christmas, my children went out of the house, which lies in the Qudeli area, and went to their uncle’s house in the Nyakurun region; from there they went to church. On their way back there was a big problem waiting for them, because of the gathering of young people on the road, so my son ran forward to avoid this problem, but one of the children’s neighbours ran behind my son, crossed his way, and hit him with an iron skewer in his eye!!
In my house, and very far from my son, I received a phone call stating that my son had been stabbed in the eye with an iron skewer, and that he was bleeding profusely. Instantly, when I heard these shocking words, my heart was broken, and I told them: “Do not give him water to drink, because if you did, his condition will get worse.” And then they told me that there was no vehicle to transfer the boy, and that they were trying to move him to the hospital. My heart was broken again, when I couldn’t go to him at night, after my eldest son had stopped me, saying: The situation is not safe at all!!

Full Breakdown:
In the morning I ran quickly to the hospital, and as I arrived, there was a nurse in front of me, and when she saw me, she sighed and said to me: “Is that you Rose?”
“Did my son die?” I asked her. “No,” She said. Here I saw my daughter, who stayed with her brother. She stood beside a room, crying bitterly.
I entered the room and saw my son, his face was swollen, and there was a lot of blood on the shirt he was wearing, I brought some clothes with me for him, so I took off the bloodstained shirt and threw it in the trash. All the time my daughter, my eldest son, and I were constantly crying, without stopping.
The impossibility of the situation:
A few minutes later, the nurse entered the room and said that a surgery should be carried out to my son, but they told us in the hospital, that the specialist wasn’t in the hospital now because of the holidays. So, we returned home in the evening. My son was still swollen, and his bleeding hasn’t stopped.
A person who knew an eye specialist accompanied us, so we called the doctor, who told us that he will take his wife home and meet us at the hospital. So we went back to the hospital. As soon as the doctor arrived and examined my son’s eye, he decided to take him to the operating room immediately, and he told us that he would examine the infected eye; would it be fine he would leave it, but if damaged he would have to pick it up!! It increased the breaking of my heart and the crying of my eyes on my dearly beloved son.
The operation was over; the doctor came to me and took me away. Then he told me the hardest words I have ever heard: Unfortunately, your son’s eye has been damaged and the whole body might be poisoned, but put your trust in God and we will watch the situation in the morning.
Then he refused to get paid on the operation, “Your son is my brother” he told me. But the doctor told the rest of my family, away from me:” The situation is very poor, and the boy may die within four days.”

The power of prayers:
Three days later, my son’s health deteriorated, I kept crying hysterically. I called the priest next to me and I said to him: “Pastor, my heart is broken so badly, my son is dying” and I cried out loud, so that the priest prayed for me, and also a group of believers came and they prayed for my son. Many people came to see that single occurrence that had never happened before in Juba.
After two days of prayer, I saw an improvement in my son’s condition. That night I slept well, and he ate and drank better. Actually, I am the one who didn’t eat; we stayed in the hospital for seven days without eating or drinking, until my shape has changed completely, and I was weakened physically. And the number of believers who visited us in the hospital was growing.
The most difficult forgiveness:
We soon left the hospital, the boy who hurt my son came home and confessed that he didn’t intend to hurt my son’s eye, but my brother said that a criminal report should be filed, because the offender’s father didn’t visit my son in the hospital.
In front of the judge, my heart ached a lot, and I didn’t want to see the boy who stabbed my son’s eye, but I decided to forgive this person with all my heart. So I said to him, “As a faithful woman who knows God, I have totally forgiven you.” Then I stood beside that young man in the court, without feeling any bitterness. After forgiving him, I felt a deep peace in my heart, and my psychological and physical condition began to improve.
My dear ones … I encourage you, if something awful happened to you, do not be overcome by evil, but forgive those who have sinned against you, and you will enjoy the peace of God, and I am confident that, my healing step was the first step in the process of my son’s recovery.