Story of BOB (Chair of blessings)

The chair was the cause of many blessings in my life, for God Has treated me in a very special way, and so I found no difficulty getting rid of the life of drunkenness and smoking, and I started with him a glorious path of service and giving.

Tough Upbringing:
I’m an orphan, I haven’t seen my parents, and I never said the word “Dad” in my life. My mother was responsible for raising me, but unfortunately, this had continued for a short period of time; because my mother died too, and I thank God that he prepared my uncle to do the task of bringing me up, and taking me to school.

At the time I became a teenager, I found myself surrounded by a group of kids on the block, they had a negative impact on my life, therefore; I lived a wasted and nasty life away from God. I used to suffer from alcoholic addiction and drug abuse, and this malignity lasted with me for a very long time, until my relationship with my uncle deteriorated, and I didn’t have the desire to go home, then finally I decided to quit schooling.

Thereafter, my uncle took the decision of sending me away from Juba to Khartoum, where I was away from the bad company in Juba, but yet I still lived away from the Lord; I didn’t have a close relationship with him. The situation stayed the same for a long time, until my uncle was murdered in 1992, after they accused him of supporting the rebels. His death had a great impact on me.

Turning Point:
In the same year, I was invited by a friend to attend some prayers that were held in houses. So, I went to meet my friend’s wish, and I was pushed by curiosity to see what’s going on there. These were the kind of prayers that requires bringing a chair along with you to church, so I took a chair with me, but by the time I reached it, the church doors were closed, and I was entangled with that chair in my hand, so they were obliged to let me in.

In these prayers, the servant of God was preaching about the bent over woman who was healed by the Christ, and how he touched her with his hand and she stood up again, his words touched my heart. I felt that I was not only without a father or a mother, but my life also had no meaning, no value and no taste. So as soon as the preacher asked: “Who wants to deliver his life to the Christ?” I stepped forward, and I delivered all my life to Lord Jesus Christ.

The True Father:
Thereafter, I experienced an extraordinary change in my life, it wasn’t hard to abandon the life of drunkenness and smoking, at the very same day I quit all the bad habits. When I returned to the place where my friends usually gather, they asked me to have fun with them, however, I told them: “I’ve been changed, I’m a new man”.

It was the first time to experience the feeling of having God as my father, whom I’ve never met, and who cares for me. I felt my value as a human once more, and I found in Lord Jesus Christ the most wonderful friend who guides me.

Then, I returned to school; where I finished my high school and joined university, and I took my Diploma of Media, from there I joined the Faculty of Theology, because I had great motives to serve The Lord; so I completed my Theology studies in Jordan. Throughout the whole period I wasn’t married, but God has gifted me a wife and blessed me with three beautiful daughters.

The challenges of the country:
There were big challenges against God’s service in my country; all the citizens and all the people of southern Sudan were going through very difficult economic conditions. School expenses for children cost a lot of money, in addition to other life necessities. Although I wasn’t a full time servant, due to financial deficiency in church, however, I used to see the hand of the Lord fulfilling our needs and working in our lives in an extraordinary way.

Although we, as the people of southern Sudan, had hoped that after separation from the north, we would live a new and dignified life, we were shocked by the events of 2013. It was a war between the brothers of the same country, and it had many negative effects, and led to the disintegration of the social fabric in our country; where we lived as homogeneous and peaceful tribes. Unfortunately, after these unfortunate events, the tribal epidemic burst, and people lived in closed groups.

At that time I was in the country, and as servants of the Lord, we had to reconcile people with each other, and spread The Lord’s message of peace at the same time. We saw the suffering of many families, and we lost many loved ones; as the fighting took place in the area where we lived. However, we saw the hand of the Lord and his protection for his people; our homes were not sabotaged and robbed despite the intensity of the battle.

Dear… If you believed in Lord Jesus, He will take care of every detail in your life, just as He did to me, He took care of all my marriage details and fulfilled all my needs till this day, and I live by His grace and blessings, because he is Almighty God, who is capable of everything. I’m sure that what the Lord did in my life can do with you also, even if you are an orphan, and you do not have a father who supports you, but God is the father of all people. His power is beyond strength, and He could change your life as he changed mine.